Portugal, where to go

Best places to visit in Portugal

Portugal is one of Europe’s most beloved travel destinations and it’s not hard to see why, with so many beautiful cities, beach towns and charming villages. But there’s a few places in Portugal that stands out more. Let’s take a look at the best places to visit in Portugal.


If you really want to see a more authentic side of Portugal, come to Porto. This old and charming city has captured many people’s hearts and when you stroll around the cobbled stoned streets, you’ll know why. Porto is filled with old charm, interesting architecture, ancient churches and small alleyways. There’s just something about Porto that makes you instantly feel welcomed, too. The locals here are more laid back than in the capital city and life here moves in a more relaxed pace. Besides walking around in the city, make sure to taste some port wine while you’re here. It’s one of the best in the whole world.


The capital city of Portugal is a stunner and has attracted many expats to come live here because of its beauty, affordability and accessibility to beaches. The city itself is, just like Porto, filled with beautiful architecture and you could walk around in the city for months without having discovered all the details and tiles. Lisbon’s a vibrant city where you can always find something to do, whether it’s an open air concert or a smaller, intimate live music show in one of Lisbon’s hidden restaurants. Visiting Lisbon is always a good idea.

Costa da Vicentina

If you’re not really into cities or just want to get out in nature, rent a car and head to Costa da Vicentina. Some locals claims it’s Portugal’s most beautiful place. The coastline is stunning and filled with hidden beaches that are sometimes empty! Not many tourists take the time to rent a car and explore this part of Portugal, which is a shame since it shows that Portugal’s coastline can be just as breathtaking as Italy’s.


Up north you can find this small city with quite the unique university. Coimbra is Portugal’s university city where students walk around in black cloaks. In fact, it’s said that J.K Rowling got her inspiration for Hogwarts here. If you take a closer look at the costumes in Harry Potter and the students in Coimbra, it’s hard to not see a resemblance. When you’re here, head to the university that’s also a UNESCO World Heritage site. It’s marvelous!


Southern Portugal, especially Lagos, is very popular amongst tourists. There’s a reason for it— the beaches. Lagos boosts some of Portugal’s most picturesque beaches such as Praia dona de Ana. In summer, Lagos gets quite hectic since both locals and tourists flock to get a slice of paradise. But if you plan your trip well and come either during spring or fall, when the weathers not too scorching hot but you can still lay on the beach, you won’t have to fight for a spot. In fact, there might not even be any people there if you’re lucky. Lagos is beautiful any time of the season and the weathers always milder in the south, so you can always go to Lagos if you want to escape the cold winter.

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