Beach destinations in Europe

The best beach destinations in Europe 2019

Summer is just around the corner in Europe so grab your sunscreen and sunglasses and head straight to the beach! There’s no shortage of beaches in Europe and some of them will even give the beaches in Asia a run for their money. So if you want a vacation filled with white sand beaches, turquoise water and sunshine, here is where you should go.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Besides being famous for serving as a filming location for the popular hit show ‘Game of Thrones’, Dubrovnik is a breathtakingly beautiful destination and has some of Europe’s best beaches. When you’re tired of walking around the limestone streets in the old town, head to one of many nearby beaches. You can choose between more crowded and popular beaches, or more intimate and quiet ones. For being quite a small town, Dubrovnik sure has plenty of beaches you can choose from.

Algarve, Portugal

Southern Portugal is known for its pristine beaches and makes for an excellent getaway when you want to explore some of Europe’s most stunning beaches. Some of the most popular towns in Algarve include Lagos, Faro, Albufeira and Tavira. It’s highly recommended to rent a car because all of the towns are very accessible this way and you can explore more than just one beach for example.

Himarë, Albania

Probably one of the most underrated countries in Europe, but things are about to change as people are looking for less crowded places. The Albanian Riviera can be compared to Italy’s because it is just as stunning. Unfortunately, not many people think of visiting Albania because it’s not a very known tourist destination. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t find some of Europe’s most beautiful beaches here, quite the contrary. Head down to Himarë, Albania’s laid back beach town, and eat Mediterranean food, lie on the beach and soak in the sun. You won’t be disappointed.

Gran Canaria, Spain

Gran Canaria is a classic for Europeans and has been a renowned tourist destination for many years now. The island is has almost 60 kilometres of beaches and a Biosphere reserve in the west. Here, you can go whale watching, wander around the shopping streets, visit museums, walk in the Canary pine forests, have fun at the water park or just simply relax on one of many beaches.

Mykonos, Greece

First of all, who doesn’t love Greek food? That alone is a great reason to visit Greece. But besides having one of the world’s best kitchens, there’s also promises of turquoise waters and beaches that are named “Paradise Beach” because that’s how it feels like when you’re there – paradise. Mykonos might not be the best place for families for example, since it’s quite a renowned party place, but if you’re looking for a bustling nightlife and want to combine it with beaches, you got it all here in thrilling Mykonos.

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